FDA approves Medtronic's smart programmer for InterStim neuromodulation system

Medtronic announced Monday that its InterStim smart programmer received FDA approval for use with the company's InterStim system, which provides sacral neuromodulation therapy for the treatment of overactive bladder, chronic faecal incontinence and non-obstructive urinary retention.

Linnea Burman, general manager of Medtronic's Pelvic Health & Gastric Therapies business, remarked that "the advanced technology of the smart programmer paves the way for future digital health solutions, like digital symptom tracking."

According to Medtronic, the programmer provides an app-based platform for implant and long-term therapy management. Further, it "streamlines multiple devices into a single, intuitive, touch screen Samsung mobile device" and enables clinicians to personalise patient care while allowing patients to "manage their therapy simply and discreetly," the company said.

Specifically, Medtronic noted that the programmer allows physicians to instantly check magnetic resonance imaging eligibility, while providing them with "insights and access to a detailed, accurate view of the patient's therapy experience." Meanwhile, "patients are able to adjust their therapy themselves, within clinician-defined limits in seven standard pre-set programmes," the company added. 

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