Here's what people talked about at JP Morgan's health-care conference - (CNBC via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, while digital start-ups are developing new technologies to measure and treat patients, companies such as Amazon are considering entering the market, CNBC reported.

  • Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky said companies need to act like Amazon's going to disrupt them.

  • "We have to make sure we're always competitive, we're always thinking about how can we be more effective, how can we be more efficient. And so we're thinking that way across all of our different businesses," he added.

  • Gorsky and Merck CEO Ken Frazier both said they would welcome Amazon into the pharmacy supply chain business, with Frazier noting "if that's a more efficient way of getting drugs to patients, we would be in favour of it."

  • Meanwhile, discussing outcomes-based pricing, Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak noted that getting paid for a drug's effectiveness is the right thing to do and the industry will eventually get there.

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