World's smallest wearable device measures UV exposure - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A researcher at Northwestern University, working in conjunction with L'Oréal, has developed a very small, light-light sensor that can precisely measure a person's exposure to UV light from the sun, reported ScienceDaily.

  • The device, dubbed UV Sense, is powered by the sun and contains the world's most sophisticated and accurate UV dosimeter, according to the news source.

  • Northwestern engineer John Rogers said "the broader goal is to provide a technology platform that can save lives and reduce skin cancers by allowing individuals, on a personalized level, to modulate their exposure to the sun."

  • Rogers noted that the device is meant to stick on a thumbnail, a stable rigid surface that ensures robust device adherence and is also an optimal location to measure exposure to the sun.

  • Users need only to download an app on their smartphone, then swipe the phone over the device to see their exposure to the sun, either for that day or over time.

  • Roger's team has received a roughly $2-million grant from the US National Institutes of Health to deploy the fingernail UV sensors in human clinical studies of sun exposure in cohorts of subjects who are at risk for melanoma. The first pre-pilot field trials launched in December.

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