Google Has Released an AI Tool That Makes Sense of Your Genome - (MIT Technology Review via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Google released DeepVariant, a tool that uses the latest artificial intelligence techniques to build a more accurate picture of a person’s genome from sequencing data, MIT Technology Review reported.

  • According to the news source, DeepVariant automatically identifies small insertion and deletion mutations and single-base-pair mutations in sequencing data, helping to turn high-throughput sequencing readouts into a picture of a full genome.  

  • To develop the tool, researchers from Google Brain and Verily collected millions of high-throughput reads and fully sequenced genomes from the Genome in a Bottle project, a public-private effort to promote genomic sequencing tools and techniques.

  • The researchers fed the data to a deep-learning system and adjusted the parameters of the model until it learned to interpret sequenced data with a high level of accuracy.

  • Additionaly, DeepVariant will be available on the Google Cloud Platform. 

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